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I apologize for two omissions:

Western Kingbird
Jim Ochsner
Ogallala, NE

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Subject: [NEBirds] Mississippi Kites and more

We observed our first Mississippi Kites, five of them, this late afternoon while sitting on the deck. About the same time a frantic squawking was headed directly toward me, I ducked and they swerved just in time to miss me. “They” were a male Baltimore Oriole chasing a male Orchard Oriole, the latter slamming into the glass patio door. He fluttered on the deck dazed for a few moments and than took flight again.

Some of the more interesting backyard visitors, and regulars, in the last couple days include:

Baltimore Oriole

Orchard Oriole

Lazuli Bunting

Northern Cardinal (at least two pairs nesting)

American Goldfinch (many and in brilliant yellow)

Yellow Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler

White-crowned Sparrow

Spotted Towhee

Swainson’s Thrush

Downy Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker

Red-bellied Woodpecker



House Finches


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