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Subject: [NEBirds] Wheeler County 5/6/17
Hello Nebraska birders,

No ebird

Saturday, May 6, Robin and I looked for birds in Wheeler County. I
will show you a list of our highlights followed by their details.

Cattle Egret (5)
Cooper's Hawks (2)
Sora (2)
Solitary Sandpiper (2)
Greater Yellowlegs (about 6)
Willet (2)
Lesser Yellowlegs (many)
Upland Sandpiper (2 or 3)
Hudsonian Godwit (6)
Long-billed Dowitcher (at least 150)
Wilson's Phalarope (about 20)
Forster's Tern (1)
Empidonax Flycatcher (1)
Western Kingbird (1)
Yellow Warbler (a few)
Clay-colored Sparrow (more than 3)
Lark Sparrow (3)
Lincoln's Sparrow (2)
Yellow-headed Blackbird (about 10)

Along our way to Wheeler County we saw a Coopers Hawk. After the end
of this message is Robin's account of possible Coopers Hawk nesting
evidence in Hall County at Wood River. In Wheeler County at Pibel
Lake we saw a Forster's Tern and Robin heard a few Yellow Warblers.
At the Bartlett Sewage Lagoon we saw about twenty Wilson's
Phalaropes. At the north end of where highways 281 and 70 come
together we heard two Willets. Along the stretch of road from there
and three miles east on highway 70 we saw at least 150 dowitchers. We
managed to identify three of them by sight and one more by its keek
call as Long-billed Dowitchers. We are assuming most if not all of
the rest of the dowitchers were Long-billed Dowitchers as well. Most
of the dowitchers were concentrated near the intersection of the two
highways. In the three mile stretch of highway 70 east of there we
saw many Lesser Yellowlegs, saw two Clay-colored Sparrows and Robin
heard a few more. FOY (first of year) for us we saw and heard about
ten Yellow-headed Blackbirds, saw five Cattle Egrets, saw and heard
two or three Upland Sandpipers, saw two Lincoln's Sparrows, saw our
FOY Western Kingbird and we saw and heard about six Greater
Yellowlegs. Along this stretch as well Robin saw an Empidonax
flycatcher. At three miles east of the northern intersection of the
two highways E Road goes north. Along the first couple miles up Road
E we heard two Soras about a mile and a half apart and we got
excellent looks at three Lark Sparrows, including a head filled scope
view of one. Back at the northern conjunction of the two highways,
highway 281 curves and heads northwest. We walked north up the
minimum maintenance road beginning at the northern conjunction of the
two highways. Within a quarter of a mile up this road we had seen
three female and three male Hudsonian Godwits and two Solitary
Sandpipers. All close views, but not as close as the Lark Sparrows.

Both Robin and I added six birds to our Wheeler County lists. We
remain tied at 148. We both added Sora, Greater Yellowlegs, Willet,
Hudsonian Godwit, Long-billed Dowitcher and Clay-colored Sparrow to
our Wheeler County lists. We would like to send a special thanks to
Jan Johnson for her timely posting of results of her and Richard's
shorebird Thursday. We read her message Friday and changed our plans
for Saturday. If we would have gone where we had planned to go we
would have picked up zero, one or at the most two county birds.
Certainly not six.

May your birds be lifers and your troubles temporary.

good birding and goodbye,


Lanny Randolph
2028 34th Rd.
Minden Nebraska
south central Nebraska
north central Kearney County

Nebraska birders,

On Saturday, May 06, Lanny and I were driving through Wood
River in Hall County on our way to other birding destinations.
We just happened to see a Cooper's Hawk fly by with sticks in
its talons. We turned around, drove back and parked with a
view of the tree it landed in. We watched the hawk for a
while in the top of the large tree then we saw another bird
about the same size moving around nearby but behind leaves
and branches so no clear view. I suspect that they are
building a nest or maybe adding to their nest.

Robin Harding



Posted by: "Lanny and Robin" <snowbunting...>



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