Date: 5/9/17 9:51 pm
From: Dottie Boyles <ctboyles...>
Subject: Re: this coming Saturday, Benton Co
Daniel and everyone else I might have confused.

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD), traditionally held the 2nd Saturday in May, is the signature program of the Environment for the Americas (EFTA) and has been around for years as a way to keep track of birds migrating from South American to breeding grounds in the United States and Canada. They also hold a similar event in October in South America for birds migrating from north to south. You can get more information by visiting their website at EFTA encourages birders to get out on IMBD and count the birds, groups to sponsor fun bird walks, etc.

Since a lot of people were already out birding for IMBD, Cornell Lab and eBird teamed up three years ago to hold the first ever Global Big Day (2015), where participants from ALL over the world were encouraged to enter their counts into eBird for one massive global tally. It was also a way to encourage birders to enter their data into the eBird database so more people could benefit from the results. On Global Big Day (GBD) no count is too big or too small. You can bird with a group, drive around the countryside, or just sit quietly in your own backyard, or all three! Cornell Lab then tallies all the eBird checklists from around the world and posts the results on their website. Last year 17,561 participants from across the globe, entered 47,531 checklists, of 6,332 species either seen or heard, all in a single day! There is a way to search through the eBird data, fairly easily to find out where your state and/or county is ranked, etc., by searching

And yes Daniel, in this case if you live in North America, there are two events the same day, basically doing the same thing, at the same time. Enter your finds into eBird, and you have covered both events at once, and yes backyards count along with any other places you’d like to explore. And you can spend as much or as little time, depending on your schedule. 15 minutes in the backyard is better than nothing.

Leif Anderson and other are still keeping up with migratory spring counts and if your particular county has s designated complier, you can still send them a list of your birds.

Basically, go out on May 13 and count birds for IMBD. Enter your data into eBird, and now you have participated in both IMBD and GBD events.

I’d like to see Arkansas move up from #45 out of 50 states. That ranking was based on the number of species seen or heard.

Hopefully this has helped and no one is totally confused by all this information.

Go Arkansas Birders!


Little Rock

From: Daniel Mason
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2017 10:21 PM
Subject: Re: this coming Saturday, Benton Co

I still need to get my head wrapped around the whole International Migratory Bird Count... what it is and how it's different than the global big day. I understand the differences I suppose... just the idea of two things on the same day has me confused. HA.
Mike M. emailed a group of people in the area that I assume he's organized to some extent. Before I got that email I was just thinking about the global big day and figured I might visit the hatchery and Anglin rd area... but with the list he sent out, I'm assuming those areas will be covered for the IMBC. I've been tasked with city lake in Siloam. Terry Stanfil was going to the eagle watch but messaged me on FB to say he may be busy and asked if I wanted to cover it. If you're interested in covering it, you're welcome to. Let me know. I emailed Mike but I don't think he's at a computer very often which I imagine makes coordinating things like this difficult.
Anyone covering the Benton county area, care to sound off on where you'll be? Doesn't entirely hurt to cover the same area twice I imagine but if we spread out we can cover more. :) I live in Siloam and in this area, there's quite a few good spots.
Now with this "migratory bird" count... Are there particular birds I'm looking for? particular habitats to explore? Does my backyard count?
City lake seems to be "my" spot, or has been in the past. I think to some extent I've helped the location get more attention from birders and I'm happy to see that. Lots to look forward to there. I still have to talk to my wife about how much time I'll have to spend birding that day.

Oh I have more thoughts but am tired.

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