Date: 5/9/17 9:13 pm
From: Karen Garrett <kjgarrett84...>
Subject: Re: this coming Saturday, Benton Co
I usually do Compton Gardens and part of the Art Trail at Crystal Bridges,
before heading east to Prairie Creek, the Beaver Lake Nursery Ponds, and
Hobbs SP. I have considered just concentrating on the eastern part of the
county, but I hate losing the warblers at Compton. If you want to do
Compton, that would be fine, and I could spend a little less time driving.
I don't know what anyone else does, although I know that Mike M used to do
Lake Atalanta, Pea Ridge NMP, and Centerton. I tried to steal Lake
Atalanta from him many years ago, since I used to live so close to there.

Karen Garrett

On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 10:21 PM, Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>

> I still need to get my head wrapped around the whole International
> Migratory Bird Count... what it is and how it's different than the global
> big day. I understand the differences I suppose... just the idea of two
> things on the same day has me confused. HA.
> Mike M. emailed a group of people in the area that I assume he's organized
> to some extent. Before I got that email I was just thinking about the
> global big day and figured I might visit the hatchery and Anglin rd area...
> but with the list he sent out, I'm assuming those areas will be covered for
> the IMBC. I've been tasked with city lake in Siloam. Terry Stanfil was
> going to the eagle watch but messaged me on FB to say he may be busy and
> asked if I wanted to cover it. If you're interested in covering it, you're
> welcome to. Let me know. I emailed Mike but I don't think he's at a
> computer very often which I imagine makes coordinating things like this
> difficult.
> *Anyone covering the Benton county area, care to sound off on where you'll
> be?* Doesn't entirely hurt to cover the same area twice I imagine but if
> we spread out we can cover more. :) I live in Siloam and in this area,
> there's quite a few good spots.
> Now with this "migratory bird" count... Are there particular birds I'm
> looking for? particular habitats to explore? Does my backyard count?
> City lake seems to be "my" spot, or has been in the past. I think to some
> extent I've helped the location get more attention from birders and I'm
> happy to see that. Lots to look forward to there. I still have to talk to
> my wife about how much time I'll have to spend birding that day.
> Oh I have more thoughts but am tired.
> On 5/9/2017 9:15 PM, Jacque Brown wrote:
> So, where is every one going to count migratory birds? I thought I’d go to Lake Atalanta but it is closed.
> Then I thought Campton Gardens and the Museum trails or Gravette trails and SWEPCO. I don’t want to duplicate a territory. Jacque Brown.
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