Date: 5/9/17 8:21 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: this coming Saturday, Benton Co
I still need to get my head wrapped around the whole International
Migratory Bird Count... what it is and how it's different than the
global big day. I understand the differences I suppose... just the
idea of two things on the same day has me confused. HA.
Mike M. emailed a group of people in the area that I assume he's
organized to some extent. Before I got that email I was just thinking
about the global big day and figured I might visit the hatchery and
Anglin rd area... but with the list he sent out, I'm assuming those
areas will be covered for the IMBC. I've been tasked with city lake in
Siloam. Terry Stanfil was going to the eagle watch but messaged me on
FB to say he may be busy and asked if I wanted to cover it. If you're
interested in covering it, you're welcome to. Let me know. I emailed
Mike but I don't think he's at a computer very often which I imagine
makes coordinating things like this difficult.
*Anyone covering the Benton county area, care to sound off on where
you'll be?* Doesn't entirely hurt to cover the same area twice I
imagine but if we spread out we can cover more. :) I live in Siloam
and in this area, there's quite a few good spots.
Now with this "migratory bird" count... Are there particular birds I'm
looking for? particular habitats to explore? Does my backyard count?
City lake seems to be "my" spot, or has been in the past. I think to
some extent I've helped the location get more attention from birders and
I'm happy to see that. Lots to look forward to there. I still have to
talk to my wife about how much time I'll have to spend birding that day.

Oh I have more thoughts but am tired.

On 5/9/2017 9:15 PM, Jacque Brown wrote:
> So, where is every one going to count migratory birds? I thought I’d go to Lake Atalanta but it is closed.
> Then I thought Campton Gardens and the Museum trails or Gravette trails and SWEPCO. I don’t want to duplicate a territory. Jacque Brown.

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