Date: 5/9/17 7:06 pm
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Frazier Pike
Running an errand or two was just something I had to do this morning. I
needed a couple of things done in the direction of Roosevelt Rd and I
thought to myself, I'll just drive over to Frazier Pike and look around
after hearing reports by Cindy Franklin and others. I drove past the Lock
and Dam area and way out the fields and woods and farms before coming back
in again. I had 26 species of birds altogether, many of them common, but I
also had several noteworthy birds on list.

Scissor tail Flycatcher 1
Yellow Breastfed Chat. 1
Indigo Buntings 7
Dickcissels. Everywhere (100s)
E. Kingbirds 3
One Common Yellowthroat singing
One Black Vulture roosting in a tall tree
Cattle Egrets a small flock

Then I drove past a big field not far from the western drive that goes to
the Terry Dam Park and saw Bobolinks flying in a small group. I noticed all
the white on this mainly black bird. I drove a little further to where
there was a farm road and fence and There was a couple of famous birders
from central Arkansas, Uta Meyer and Dan Scheiman. Dan said he'd seen
hundreds. I actually saw between 1 and 2 dozen. But this is a first for me
in Arkansas. It may even be a life bird. I seem to think I saw some back in
Mississippi a very long time ago (several decades) but I could be wrong.
I'll call the Bobolink a life bird for me.

Bill Thurman

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