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Subject: Audubon Surveys for Nuthatches or Bluebirds. A really exciting Citizen Science project The real message.
Sorry that I sent it before ready. Here is the real message.

Greetings all,
Here is an exciting opportunity to help Bird Climate Science.
In 2014 Audubon released the "Birds and Climate Report". The report created a species response to climate, with > 50% of North American bird species expected to lose > 50% of their climatic range. You can go to to see the maps, the report and FAQs.

Since 2014 Audubon's scientist have added habitat to the climate model.
Now it's our turn to help birds, by counting birds to validate and refine the Bird Climate Models.
You can get more info about these surveys at:
In Jan 2017, 3300 points were done, with the small River Valley chapter doing 4% of those.

About the surveys:
June 1-15; Open to chapters and bird groups. A block has 12 points and each point is exactly 5 minutes; They take 2-6 hrs to complete, with 3 hrs being normal; 1-4 blocks can be done in a day. Early mornings are best, mornings before noon are good, and late afternoon after 5pm are also possible. You can choose Bluebirds or Nuthatches for your target group; You have to be able to identify your target species, but not all other species. (Though if you know others, that is great.) You can listen/look at all the target species on the website. You can do these on eBird entry on your pc, or by paper copy. You can use the mobile app, but will need to add some additional info on the pc. 1-2 observers are best. You can do as many blocks as you want.

For the future:
Audubon plans to also open these surveys to individuals, starting in Jan of 2018. They also plan to add additional species into the surveys.
If your chapter wants to get involved: You might review the website. Pick a coordinator. Then by all means ask questions. I'm not volunteering to be a state coordinator, but this is a really exciting chance to do some cutting edge bird/climate research. I won't have the time to design your routes, but I can sure share the tips I've learned and can answer your questions anytime.

The June surveys:
Each Audubon chapter has an assigned territory and I'm the coordinator for the AR River Valley Audubon chapter. We are a small chapter with a large territory, so we really could use your help. Our territory goes from Camp Robinson WMA, West to Russellville, South to Ola and North to Pelsor. I've scouted the habitat and established the directions for all but 2 of these blocks listed below, so all you have to do is have fun counting birds!
There are many areas not listed below. If you don't see your home patch listed, then email me. We can work together to design a route.

Below is a list of some available blocks, with their general area and the target species. I'll bring these to the AAS meeting, but since there can only be one survey per target species in a block, you might want to be the first to reply, if it's your home patch! Most of these are by vehicle and will have everything laid-out.

If you see any surveys that you like, please reply and I'll send you the map, directions and checklist. Bye all means pick more than one. Again, I expect the choice ones to go fast. These are listed by choice spots, then by general area.
673 Nuthatch: BELL SLOUGH. A combination of driving and walking. A handheld gps unit is needed.
704 Nuthatch: From junction of Hwy 113 & Bone Hollow Rd. West to Hwy 9, then into HARRIS BRAKE and finishing on Hwy 300.
707 Nuthatch: CAMP ROBINSON WMA, Green Lake rd area.
707 Bluebird: CAMP ROBINSON WMA, Green Lake rd area.
817 Nuthatch: WOOLLY HOLLOW. A combination of driving and walking. A handheld gps unit is needed.

General Area:
Menifee - almost to Morgan:
673 Bluebird: Starting at the Bell Slough Parking lot, then continuing S on Hwy 365 towards Palarm Creek.
708 Nuthatch: Parts of Camp Robinson WMA, then Clinton Rd, Moran Rd and Tower rd.
708 Bluebird: Parts of Camp Robinson WMA, then Clinton Rd.
774 Bluebird: Starting at the junction of Hwy 286 & Rooster rd, then N, Hwy 64 and onto Hwy 36.
778 Bluebird: From I40 at Menifee and then N on Bell Mt Rd.
779 Bluebird: From Beaverfork N on Hwy 25, then onto Hwy 285, past Wooster.
780 Bluebird: From the junction of Hwy 36 & Hwy 287, then N on Hwy 287.
817 Bluebird: From the junction of Hwy 65 & Hwy 285. Go West passing Wooly Hollow, then McNew Cemetery Rd.

Morrilton to Plumerville, North of the River:
777 Bluebird: N of Plumerville. Starting on Hwy287, then onto Hwy 92.
741 Bluebird: Morrilton Bottoms, East of Hwy 9.

Opello almost to Lake Maumelle:
671 Nuthatch: S of Pleasant Valley. From the Tram Rd onto Hwy 113 towards Lake Maumelle.
705 Nuthatch: From Houston out Bethel Rd and Gunther Rd.
670 Bluebird: South of Perryville & Harris Brake. Hwy 216 then Hwy 300.
671 Bluebird: S of Pleasant Valley on Hwy 300, then Hwy 300/113.
704 Bluebird: Starting 4 miles East of the junction of Hwy 300 & 216, then West, near HARRIS BRAKE.
705 Bluebird: From Houston and heading East on Hwy 60.
740 Bluebird: SW of Oppelo at junction of Brandon & Arena Rds. Onto Timberlake Rd, then W Perry co Rd and E Perry co Rd.

Casa to Adona, near hwy 10:
701 Nuthatch: Hwy 155, South to Hwy 10 and North on Needmore Rd
702 Nuthatch: Starting near Casa & Hwy 10. Going North on Co rd 30, then Hwy 155 & Hwy 147.
701 Bluebird: From the Needmore Cemetery, South on Needmore Rd and West on Hwy 10.
702 Bluebird: Starting West of the Hwy 155/147 junction and going East on Hwy 155.

If you want to do some surveys I'd love to hear from you. I pre-thank you for all the help you're giving to birds & climate! Cheers, Leif at Hector

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