Date: 5/9/17 6:47 am
From: Devin Moon <moondevg...>
Subject: Lake Columbia
Yesterday evening I birded around the northern parts of Lake Columbia
(Columbia Co.), just northwest of Magnolia. This is a shallow lake with
lots of snags and emergent vegetation galore. Probably the best bird, the
surprise that should not have been a surprise, was a Purple Gallinule. The
lake looks like it would be a great place for both gallinules. However,
this is the first time in my 3 years of birding this lake to find one of
the gallinules. The only one I did find came flying out at me after I
played a Sora call.

I scanned the lake to see what else I was missing and found an Anhinga and
Double-crested Cormorants. There were several Little Blue Herons, Great
Egrets, and a lone Great Blue Heron. The woods were full of songs. A
Magnolia Warbler was singing softly from willow oaks near the lake. It was
drowned out by Orchard Orioles which were subsequently drowned out by an
uproar of Green Treefrogs. Moving away from the cacophony of frogs
(cricket, cope's gray, bronze, green, leopard, and bullfrog all
contributing), I got to a calmer part of the lake and could hear a Wood
Thrush singing away. A Prairie Warbler sang from the edge of a recent
clear cut. Pine and Yellow-throated Warbles sang from the pine-oak forest.

Devin Moon
Logoly State Park
McNeil, AR

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