Date: 5/9/17 4:57 am
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Re: Phase Two of my latest birding
Hi Keith

While I was there a tick hitched a ride on me too. I had to get rid
of him next morning. The ticks will be really bad this year. I'd better
buy extra repellent.

On May 8, 2017 12:00 PM, "Keith Newton" <keithnewton...> wrote:

> I may have been there at the same time as Bill, and will add an Indigo
> Bunting to his list.
> If you are tempted to go off the asphalt out into the scouring rushes, be
> sure to spray down with repellent. Sassafras my golden girlfriend pulled me
> down some of the dirt trails. I guess I was more diligent spraying her, and
> missed part of myself, since I found 5 ticks in myself last night.
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> Sent from my iPhone
> On May 8, 2017, at 8:03 AM, Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
> wrote:
> Now is a beautiful time to go with this kind of weather. If you hike the
> entire asphalt trail there are a lot of pretty spots along the way.
> Bill Thurman
> On May 8, 2017 7:24 AM, "Elizabeth Shores" <efshores...> wrote:
>> Great report, Bill. Makes me want to go out there today.
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>> > On May 7, 2017, at 6:41 PM, Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> > Today I followed through by going to Two Rivers Park. I always enjoy
>> going there. It's convenient for me, it's a truly nice place and I don't
>> have drawers full of gas money. My original intention was to do all of this
>> (incl. May 3rd) in one sweep in honor of the migratory bird period. Today
>> was a good day. The weather was beautiful, sunny and almost like a perfect
>> Spring day. Before I crossed the bridge over to the peninsula, I saw a
>> brilliant Baltimore Oriole fly up int one of the sycamore trees. I believe
>> several pairs are nesting around there where all the parking is. There are
>> plenty of RW Blackbirds around too. Also swallows everywhere around that
>> bridge. After I crossed the bridge, the pine grove was my next area. I
>> heard the regulars like Carolina Wrens and Mockingbirds. I walked on down
>> the asphalt trail all the way to the other western end where the bathroom
>> and big fields area is located before you get to the ground where all the
>> community gardeners are. I had my bins with me. Along the way I heard and
>> saw:
>> >
>> > White Eyed Vireos at least a half dozen calling loudly
>> > Red Bellied Woodpecker
>> > Pileated Woodpecker calling in the distance
>> > Baltimore Orioles quite a few more singing in the tall
>> trees
>> > Summer Tanagers quite a few singing
>> > Carolina Wrens lots
>> >
>> > Then at the big open fields between the woodland trail and the "swamp"
>> I heard at least one Dicksissel. Not much else.
>> > At the bathroom area I took a good rest and saw an Eastern Bluebird and
>> heard at least two Orchard Orioles singing nearby. I then got up and turned
>> to go back. My right leg seemed to be holding up pretty well. On the way I
>> saw a tiny mainly upper body golden bird dart across the trail and into the
>> swampy area where all the frogs were just going it. I concluded it could
>> only be a Prothonotary Warbler. The predominant coloring was right, the
>> size was right and the habitat was perfect. Even if he didn't "say"
>> anything. On the way back to the parking area I saw or heard:
>> >
>> > more Baltimore Orioles
>> > more White Eyed Vireos
>> > a pretty Big Water Moccasin at the side of the trail
>> > Red Tailed Hawk
>> >
>> > And then the highlight of my trip which made it all worth it. I was
>> tired and sat down on a bench neat the river's shoreline on the way out
>> toward the tip end of the peninsula. Other people were around, and it's a
>> fairly popular area. I happened to glance down at a dead log sticking out
>> into the water. What seemed like a fairly small bird flitted onto the log
>> and sat for half a minute just long enough for me to get my bins and have a
>> good look at him. He looked like a shorebird/sandpiper for sure. It had all
>> these dark spots or streaks underneath on its breast and belly, and a
>> shortish yellowish beak. Soon it jumped up and snatched and insect. I
>> looked up a search on the sandpipers. It was a Spotted Sandpiper, and a
>> life bird for me. I felt like I had won a prize or something!
>> >
>> > I still plan to donate what little money I have to a couple of bird
>> conservation organizations.
>> >
>> > Bill Thurman
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> >

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