Date: 5/8/17 5:55 pm
From: Jacque Brown <bluebird2...>
Subject: backyard birds. Sunday
I was going to go to Lake Atalanta in Rogers, then buy a vinyl liner so I can make a small 3 x 6 water feature in the yard. Lake Atalanta was shut down, again.

I also didn’t make much progress on the water feature.

I had a few nice birds show up.

A Ruby-throated Hummer, male, was at the native Honeysuckle. The 1st I have seen in the yard this year.

Baltimore Orioles are calling everywhere now, I had a female coming to my Oranges but she really preferred the native Honeysuckle and my Wysteria blossoms.
The males are really shy but one was coming to Grape Jelly, I have real grapes out, too. I saw three males at one time. One of them was not in adult plumage, it was turning orange but had black around the eyes. Today there was one with the head turning black.

I had a Common Nighthawk resting in a tree. There was a flock of Cedar Waxwings towards evening.

A female Rose-breasted Grosbeak was visiting the platform feeder off and on and a fly by of a male Grosbeak twice, a male Indigo Bunting practically landed at my feet, this was a new yard bird for me, my resident House Wren was there at the time. He’s still looking for a mate, the Carolina Wren is still giving him a hard time trying to chase him off although I am not seeing the C Wren trying to nest in the yard.

Just about every time something went after the Honeysuckle they were chased off by the Brown Thrashers that are nesting in it.

My grill was once again fill of nesting material when I opened it on Saturday. I emptied it and an hour later saw a Common Grackle fly up the back between the hood and the base with grasses in it’s beak. Sunday I opened it and it had been hard at work again. I just left the grill open after that. I can’t believe it can squeeze through that crack.

I still have a number of White-crowned Sparrows. Lots of Robins, Blue Jays, House Finches, C Grackles, and Red-winged Blackbirds. Also an American Goldfinch or two. Mourning Dove and Eurasian-collered Dove .

Jacque Brown, Centerton
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