Date: 5/8/17 2:03 pm
From: Janine Perlman <jpandjf...>
Several of our neighbors put out mothballs along a shared fence, which
were then disintegrating onto our property and into our surface water.
That was not OK. I gave them written information with reliable URLs
about what works to discourage snakes (minimizing hiding places and
rodents) and doesn't (everything else). In some cases I'd never met the
neighbors and their back fences border our land, so I hung the info
sheet in a ziploc bag on their fence, along with our names and phone
number and a sincere invitation to call with any problems. They've
never called, but they stopped with the mothballs.

On 5/8/2017 3:45 PM, Nancy Felker wrote:
> Ignorant neighbors who put out toxic mothballs in all there landscape
> beds to ward off snakes really make me mad.
> Nancy-Fayetteville
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> On May 8, 2017, at 3:32 PM, Mary Ann King <office...>
> <mailto:<office...>> wrote:
>> I really get irritated about snake killing also – when I mentioned
>> there was a 6 foot black snake at the nursery office he said the only
>> good snake was a dead snake. I told him he would be in serious
>> trouble if he killed my snake.
>> MaryAnn
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>> Birding this morning, mainly west of Environmental Study Center, edge
>> habitats near the lake edge in disk golf course. I was trying to suss
>> out a Yellow-breasted Chat when I heard 3 gunshots-pause- then 3 or 4
>> more, down toward the lake. First gunfire in 35+ years of birding
>> there. This put an end to what was to that point a fairly productive
>> few hours:
>> Great Blue Heron (2), Red-tailed Hawk (1), Least Flycatcher (2),
>> Great Crested Flycatcher (2-3), Eastern Kingbird (2), White-eyed
>> Vireo (3), Warbling Vireo (3), Red-eyed Vireo (1), Northern Parula
>> (5), Magnolia Warbler (1), Yellow-throated Warbler (2), American
>> Redstart (1), Northern Waterthrush (1), Common Yellowthroat (4),
>> Wilson’s Warbler (1), Yellow-breasted Chat (1), Summer Tanager (2),
>> Lincoln’s Sparrow (2), Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1).
>> I heard the gunfire late in the morning and immediately headed over
>> towards the ESC viewing deck. My assumption: someone with a pistol is
>> shooting snakes. I HATE HATE HATE the part of Arkansas that thinks
>> the only good snake is a dead snake. I didn’t see who was shooting,
>> but someone called the police and they were trying to sort it out.
>> I put it today’s shooting to snake killing because I’ve seen way too
>> much of it. It is a common ignorance, now aided and abetted by the
>> increasingly promiscuous plague of widespread carrying of guns
>> everywhere.
>> My hope is that when the snake shooters wind up at the Pearly Gates,
>> they discover that St Peter is not a friendly, gun-tottin’ old white
>> man with a long beard. Instead, St Peter is the much-persecuted water
>> snake. Like it says in the King James Bible, “Vengeance is mine
>> sayeth the Lord.”

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