Date: 5/8/17 11:42 am
From: cbayona <cbayona...>
On 5/8/2017 1:29 PM, Joseph Neal wrote:
> Birding this morning, mainly west of Environmental Study Center, edge
> habitats near the lake edge in disk golf course. I was trying to suss
> out a Yellow-breasted Chat when I heard 3 gunshots-pause- then 3 or 4
> more, down toward the lake. First gunfire in 35+ years of birding there.
> This put an end to what was to that point a fairly productive few hours:
> Great Blue Heron (2), Red-tailed Hawk (1), Least Flycatcher (2), Great
> Crested Flycatcher (2-3), Eastern Kingbird (2), White-eyed Vireo (3),
> Warbling Vireo (3), Red-eyed Vireo (1), Northern Parula (5), Magnolia
> Warbler (1), Yellow-throated Warbler (2), American Redstart (1),
> Northern Waterthrush (1), Common Yellowthroat (4), Wilson’s Warbler (1),
> Yellow-breasted Chat (1), Summer Tanager (2), Lincoln’s Sparrow (2),
> Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1).
> I heard the gunfire late in the morning and immediately headed over
> towards the ESC viewing deck. My assumption: someone with a pistol is
> shooting snakes. I HATE HATE HATE the part of Arkansas that thinks the
> only good snake is a dead snake. I didn’t see who was shooting, but
> someone called the police and they were trying to sort it out.
> I put it today’s shooting to snake killing because I’ve seen way too
> much of it. It is a common ignorance, now aided and abetted by the
> increasingly promiscuous plague of widespread carrying of guns everywhere.
> My hope is that when the snake shooters wind up at the Pearly Gates,
> they discover that St Peter is not a friendly, gun-tottin’ old white man
> with a long beard. Instead, St Peter is the much-persecuted water snake.
> Like it says in the King James Bible, “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.”

I agree to an extent that there is too much of if it moves shoot it
culture in Arkansas. A few years ago I lived in the country outside of
Wesley AR. and I had quite a few visitors by the house including a
Mountain Lion, and I was surprised that some idiot had not shot it. A
beautiful animal, I left it alone and it left me alone, there were also
a pair of red foxes that visited the property daily checking the rabbits
for a meal opportunity.

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Cecil Bayona - K5nwa

Cecil Bayona - K5nwa
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