Date: 5/7/17 4:41 pm
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Phase Two of my latest birding
Today I followed through by going to Two Rivers Park. I always enjoy going
there. It's convenient for me, it's a truly nice place and I don't have
drawers full of gas money. My original intention was to do all of this
(incl. May 3rd) in one sweep in honor of the migratory bird period. Today
was a good day. The weather was beautiful, sunny and almost like a perfect
Spring day. Before I crossed the bridge over to the peninsula, I saw a
brilliant Baltimore Oriole fly up int one of the sycamore trees. I believe
several pairs are nesting around there where all the parking is. There are
plenty of RW Blackbirds around too. Also swallows everywhere around that
bridge. After I crossed the bridge, the pine grove was my next area. I
heard the regulars like Carolina Wrens and Mockingbirds. I walked on down
the asphalt trail all the way to the other western end where the bathroom
and big fields area is located before you get to the ground where all the
community gardeners are. I had my bins with me. Along the way I heard and

White Eyed Vireos at least a half dozen calling loudly
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Pileated Woodpecker calling in the distance
Baltimore Orioles quite a few more singing in the tall trees
Summer Tanagers quite a few singing
Carolina Wrens lots

Then at the big open fields between the woodland trail and the "swamp" I
heard at least one Dicksissel. Not much else.
At the bathroom area I took a good rest and saw an Eastern Bluebird and
heard at least two Orchard Orioles singing nearby. I then got up and turned
to go back. My right leg seemed to be holding up pretty well. On the way I
saw a tiny mainly upper body golden bird dart across the trail and into the
swampy area where all the frogs were just going it. I concluded it could
only be a Prothonotary Warbler. The predominant coloring was right, the
size was right and the habitat was perfect. Even if he didn't "say"
anything. On the way back to the parking area I saw or heard:

more Baltimore Orioles
more White Eyed Vireos
a pretty Big Water Moccasin at the side of the trail
Red Tailed Hawk

And then the highlight of my trip which made it all worth it. I was tired
and sat down on a bench neat the river's shoreline on the way out toward
the tip end of the peninsula. Other people were around, and it's a fairly
popular area. I happened to glance down at a dead log sticking out into the
water. What seemed like a fairly small bird flitted onto the log and sat
for half a minute just long enough for me to get my bins and have a good
look at him. He looked like a shorebird/sandpiper for sure. It had all
these dark spots or streaks underneath on its breast and belly, and a
shortish yellowish beak. Soon it jumped up and snatched and insect. I
looked up a search on the sandpipers. It was a Spotted Sandpiper, and a
life bird for me. I felt like I had won a prize or something!

I still plan to donate what little money I have to a couple of bird
conservation organizations.

Bill Thurman

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