Date: 5/7/17 3:43 pm
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Two Trips
On May 3rd I went down near the end of Northshore Dr in North Little Rock.
There were big open rustic fields near the commercial warehouse/factory
buildings that I had already passed to get there. This was intended to be
Phase One of my birding in a short period. There's a kind of gravel circle
at the end of the drive. I got out of the car with my bins and looked at
the fields, very grown up and rather undisturbed. I saw and heard a few
good birds.

No. Rough Wing Swallows very many on the wing and some perching on stakes
Redwing Blackbirds all over the place
Eastern meadowlark one singing in the field in the distance
Dicksissels dozens of them calling very loudly

The sun was shining, the weather seemed mild and everything was beautiful.
Then I moved on and parked down near the Murray Power Station (or Plant). I
looked toward the Arkansas River and saw a small flock of American White
Pelicans flying near the structure. I also looked out over the nearby lake
which included fisher folk.

Northern Shoveler
Canada Geese
One American Coot
male and female Cowbirds near the shore
Purple Grackle
Common Crows
Mourning Dove

Then I walked down a trail into the woods lined by a kind of backwater that
seemed like a small river. The further in, the more heavily forested. I saw
and/or heard:

Red Bellied Woodpecker
Red Headed WP with his strange "weert" call, many times
I tried to chase him but couldn't get to him - very swampy and LOTS of tree
Small Warbler - only a fleeting glimpse in dark shadows, sounded like

The weather had already taken a very dark turn for the worse, and I thought
I'd better get my butt out of there. The thunder and lightning seemed to
get closer and closer. And I had a pretty sore leg. (from blood clots) On
the way back to the parking area I heard or saw:

an Indigo Bunting
White eyed Vireo
Summer Tanagers several singing or calling
One Gray Catbird
Carolina Wrens

I wanted to leave there and go to Two Rivers Park,
but the gathering storm and the fairly heavy rain put an end to those
plans. I chose to go home. I will put my Phase Two into an upcoming post.

Bill Thurman Little Rock

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