Date: 5/7/17 12:14 pm
From: Michael Willison <sendtomichael...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Gray-cheeked Thrushes
We are closing in on the small window where we have the opportunity to possibly detect a few Gray-cheeked Thrush passing through our area.

I'm leery of reports of Gray-cheeked's described as having an eye ring regardless of color or thickness (thin, thick, white or buff) as they are likely Swainson's. All of the Gray-cheeked Thrushes I've observed have had anywhere from at most 1/3rd of an eye ring on the back side of the eye, to as little as a mere dot on the rear of the eye.

I had a very grayish-faced Swainson's yesterday and that had a white eye ring that momentarily had me thinking "Gray-cheeked". However, the eye ring was complete and obvious and just a touch of buff in the face under the lores sealed the ID. (unless someone can convince me otherwise!)

Michael Willison

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