Date: 5/6/17 5:58 pm
From: Jonathan Perry <jonathanperry24...>
Subject: Lake Fayetteville
Cindy and I spent the morning in the north unit of Lake Fayetteville, covering much of the same ground as Jacque Brown on Friday. We didn't see quite the variety as she (no Yellow Warblers, for example), but we did have first-of-season Common Yellowthroat and Mississippi Kite (soaring over Springdale west of the nature trail out of the Environmental Center). Very definite ID. On a more tentative note, for those inclined perhaps to go looking, we did the loop hike that includes the trail from the center back by the little marsh/pond, then to the closed riparian woods, and then along the lakeshore back to the center. In the shallow upper end of the lake, we observed three sandpipers on a gravel bar which appeared to include both Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers and a family group of duck hen and three ducklings which at distance appeared to be Wood Ducks. AT DISTANCE is the operative descriptor for both of these reports--too far for certainty. But if you wanna look, that's what we thought we saw.

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