Date: 5/6/17 5:22 pm
From: Herschel Raney <herschel.raney...>
Subject: Bell
Remember, anyone going to visit Bell, you must come in from the road
from the north on the east side of the freeway and have to go in the
second entrance currently. North side will be flooded fast once you
descend away from the powerlines after crossing the dam.

Birds missing from the Bell list of significance currently are:

Bay-breasted Warbler - oddly never reported. I have seen them the past
two years on my property but they are not as frequent.

Several shorebirds are missing from the list. But the shorebird area has
been not optimal and requires you to carry a scope in. It needs to be
plowed but has not in quite a while.

Virginia Rail.

Greater Roadrunner.


Yellow-headed Blackbird.

I will be at Bell at dawn again tomorrow just to see how things are
looking. Likely second entrance or back entrance.

I can email anyone the current Bell bird list per request. It is
printable on two sided standard paper and foldable.

Herschel Raney

Conway AR
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