Date: 5/6/17 12:42 pm
From: Glenn <000001214b3fcb01-dmarc-request...>
Subject: This morning at Ball Slough and Camp Robinson
I couldn't get very far into Bell Slough north this morning, but I got in a little ways.  Birds of interest to me were my first Arkansas Wilson's Warbler, a Blackpoll Warbler - a lifer for me, and I got to watch two Common Yellowthroats chase each other around and around.  That is about it, except for the normal birds spotted there.
At Camp Robinson, it was pretty slow.  I did see one Lincoln's Sparrow, a proud Hooded Merganser mom and her nine chicks, a Green Heron, my first look at a Tennessee Warbler - I have heard them before, and my first Eastern Wood Pewee of the year.
Glenn WyattCabot

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