Date: 5/5/17 6:19 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Pioneers Park Shorebirds
I was out to Pioneers Park with the Olli group this week, but as most of the group do not do eBird yet, I submitted a short incomplete list that day. There were two birds at the back of one pond. I went back and took a couple of photos. I mistakenly called the one pectoral sandpiper. It was a solitary sandpiper, which I have seen there before. The dangers of calling a bird from a small view on the back of a camera. The list is correct now:

There may be shorebirds there overnight, but as we do not see them in the gated area past sundown, they may go unobserved. They leave as soon as lots of people enter the next day. There are not many shore birds these days. I looked in eBird and took a screen shot of the bar graphs 2000-2017

It was more birds than I expected. But some just a few years apart. Last pectoral was 2004. In 2014 some people reported a willet and there was talk of one May 2. Hiowever, nobody posted it. It was the right time for willets as I saw them elsewhere.

If you Olli class just made a personal list based on my pectoral, it would be best to take it out.

Esa Jarvi, Lincoln

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