Date: 5/4/17 7:34 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Re: New Member-What I've Seen
Thank you everyone. Yes, It's Brenda. I thought my name would show since it's in my yahoo settings but I guess not.

I cannot figure out how to add images so here is a link to my back yard bird buffet complete w/ seed mix, oriole nectar, hummingbird nectar, a fruit tray and a bird bath.:
I tried to create a nice place for them. Open to critiques. Here are more photos:

Can I put grape jelly in the orange oriole nectar feeder? I'm headed to Mackey grain to get some more black oil sunflower seeds.

I will review some books for Eastern Birds. Thanks for the recommendations.

Had a female turkey in my front yard, hiding near our window wells from the rain a few days ago. Last Spring, I had about 8-10 all come up in a flock into the circle I live in.

Thanks again,
Brenda Theobald
Chalco/Millard - Sarpy County (144/Harrison)

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