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Subject: Re: [NEBirds] Towl Park notables and one oddity

The pond is stocked with rainbow trout for the winter; probably an easy meal for a merganser.

Rick Eades

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Subject: [NEBirds] Towl Park notables and one oddity

Birded Towl Park again this morning. Good variety of birds (41 species) including some notables like SCARLET TANAGER, (FOY) DICKCISSEL (along the grassy banks of the Big Papio), and (FOY) CHIMNEY SWIFTS. Warblers were abundant but not diverse - all yellow-rumped and orange-crowned.

Something very odd though: in the main pond/fishing area there was a female merganser that my partner and I watched for 10 minutes, from quite close, which I would identify as red-breasted based on the double wispy crest, the thinner bill, and the head/neck coloring with the absence of clear white in the chin or throat. Hard to believe there would be a merganser there at all, let alone a red-breasted. I'm perplexed by it.

Mace Hack
Omaha, NE

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