Date: 5/4/17 4:48 pm
From: Joseph Neal <joeneal...>
Former Beaty Prairie around Maysville was today much under a north wind in range of 20-30 MPH. This meant shorebirds heading north had to hunker down. In this case, with style, since the huge rainstorm of April 28 has left its mark in fields, especially along Tucker Road. A couple of storm water ponds were full of wind birds today, in circumstances very much like May 11, 2013, when Joan Reynolds and I were doing International Migratory Shorebird Day in the same area, and saw a Ruff, and lots of others, too.

No Ruff today, but other interesting birds. These included: Blue-winged Teal (~150); Black-bellied Plover in immaculate breeding plumage (1); Yellowlegs -- ~300, roughly 80% Lesser, 20% Greater; Solitary Sandpiper (1); Willet (1); Spotted Sandpiper (1 ); Pectoral Sandpiper; Dowitcher ~90 – in flight they sounded like Short-billed and plumage in my photos makes me think this is the prairie form, Hendersoni; Wilson’s Phalarope (~50). I didn’t see any peeps in this wod of birds, but could have been there.

Complications in making good IDs – high wind and fact that the ponds were quite a ways off the road. PLUS, a PEREGRINE FALCON made repeated passes, putting all birds up and away, then circling back. On the fourth pass I saw this Peregrine on the ground – a fine adult Tundra.

Other interesting birds during the day: female Bobolink (2), Swainson’s Hawk (1), Palm Warbler (1), Clay-colored Sparrow (1).

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