Date: 5/3/17 3:06 pm
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Subject: [NEBirds] Krider's Hawk & Louie tribute
Hello birders,

Saw what we think was a Krider's Red-tailed yesterday by Hickory Ridge WMA in Johnson Co. If any hawk experts out there dispute that claim we'd welcome the input so we can edit our eBird checklist accordingly. Hope the photos are enough to go on.

Other sightings that stand out in recent memory are a Gray-cheeked Thrush on Apr 27 at Platte River SP and a Summer Tanager there this week on May 1st.

Also on Apr 27 followed up on an eBird report and heard a Louisiana Waterthrush singing behind the east bound rest area just before exit 426. This limited but lovely little drainage is about 5 miles as the Louie flies from Platte River SP.

And speaking of Platte River SP Louies, has anyone noticed they weren't immediately greeted by Louisiana Waterthrush song this year the moment they pulled into the Stone Creek parking lot? Louies have strong site fidelity and that gregarious little Louie next to the parking lot didn't make it back to his old territory this season unfortunately. He always sang incessantly all day long regardless of humans passing him on the path. Recordings downloaded onto eBird reveal sonograms that identify individual Louies and it's clear that the territory #1 singer by the parking lot is a new guy while the territory #2 singer is same returning male. It was easy to record comparisons of Louies counter singing on those 2 territories both last year and this year due the contentious nature of that bend behind the outhouse.

(all on eBird)
-Shari Schwartz & John Carlini, Lincoln

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