Date: 5/3/17 1:05 pm
From: <theobald.brenda...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] New Member-What I've Seen
I live just south of the Douglas County line in Sarpy at 144th Street, so very close to Chalco Rec Park. I'm new to birding and feeding and was told about this group on Nextdoor. Bare with me as I learn.

I had 3 goldfinches for about 3 days and I haven't seen them in a few weeks. I assumed I wasn't feeding the right stuff. I currently have house finches (or purple maybe?), blue jays, cardinals, grackles, and an array of wrens/chickadees/sparrows (I think-these all look fairly similar to me as of now). I don't have a good camera to zoom in, but I hope to save up for one.

I have an oriole feeder and a hummingbird, though I've been told it's too early for hummingbirds. When should I put out the hummingbird feeder?

Anyone ever seen an oriole around here? I haven't. My mom gave me the feeder.

I put a bright yellow tray of fruit out but it didn't look like anyone cared for it.

I'm painting some birdhouses I was given then I will hang them. I think they are wren houses. Very small holes.

Thanks for letting me join and I look forward to learning more. What is a good book I should own? I know everyone uses the internet (I'm actually a web developer and designer) but I like books to be able to mark up and put bookmarks in, etc.
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