Date: 5/3/17 12:32 pm
From: Karen Garrett <kjgarrett84...>
Subject: Birder's Weekend at Devil's Den SP
As Joe Neal mentioned earlier this week, this weekend is Birder's Weekend
at Devil's Den State Park. I don't have the finalized schedule, but I can
tell you that we are doing a few new things this year. We will be having a
Bird Scavenger Hunt and Bird-a-thon. There will be prizes for adult and
junior divisions, although, if we have enough youngsters participating, we
will split them into two groups. There will also be some scavenger
"hunting" during the 7am Saturday and Sunday bird walks, also with prizes.
Although there are no birder specific activities on Friday, you can pick up
your list for the scavenger hunt, and start your tally for the Bird-a-thon
on Friday, since some folks leave early Sunday. Some of the prizes include
bird puzzles, bird memory games, a 2018 bird calendar, a bird photo book, a
pair of compact binoculars, a couple of bird field guides, a wren house,
and some smaller bird guides. If anyone has some bird-themed prizes that
you would like to donate, let me know.

For further info, please contact me off list. Also, attending the NWAAS
field trip, led by Joe Neal, will no doubt help you pick up some points.

Karen Garrett

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