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We were there about 1 pm...about total of 20 Cedar waxwings in mulberry snarfing green berries...why they ignored berries the same shade next to them but reached under the branch to pull off equally green ones remains their secret. Also female Baltimore Oriole, mockingbird and red-winged blackbird in same bush. Scissor-tailed flycatcher performed a few displays in the wind in the parking lot next to the mulberry. Again nothing visible feeding on the other riper mulberry bush. Bluebirds feeding peeping voices on the backside of the sign next to the broken concrete pad on the south side of the dog park. 2 days ago saw a wiggling bluebird butt sticking out of nest box on back side of sign at the SW corner of the dog park. No activity there today. Karen & Neill Hart Little Rock

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I ran down to Murray Park for a few minutes during my lunch hour. Thanks to Herschel Raney's post about singing Baltimore Orioles, I heard one making 'single call' notes in a tree to the right of the boat ramp and was able to locate it. Had a loooong .002 second look before he disappeared in some leaves before flying off to another tree to sing. I think I heard the Warbling Vireo singing, but couldn't find which tree it was in. I heard, then saw it when I was there last week.

The Arkansas River is way up and a poor Chickadee is feeding babies in a dead snag that is now not far from the waters edge. The berries on the Mulberry Tree by the boat ramp are still not quite ripe, but three Cedar Waxwings appeared to be guarding it anyway. There were no birds in the other Mulberry Tree to the west. I also spotted a Spotted Sandpiper by the ramp.

Driving around I discovered two Northern Mockingbirds in a serious disagreement about something. It was quite an aerial display that sometimes included a third mockingbird. I watched the fight for several minutes before they moved out-of-sight. A shadow caught my eye and I looked up to discover another fight, this one involving two Eastern Kingbirds, joined by another mockingbird, all ganging up on a Fish Crow. The team effort was successful as the crow gave up and left. Also had a great view of a Red-headed Woodpecker. Last week there were two Killdeer there, one came to check out my car, decided I was safely tucked inside and moved on. Today I could only see one.

I made a quick run to the pavilion area to look for Scissor-tailed Flycatchers, but there were none.

Dottie Boyles (sure was hard to leave and come back to work) Little Rock
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