Date: 5/2/17 11:04 am
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Subject: [NEBirds] Salt Vally lakes, 1 May
Monday, 1 May

Making rounds of Branched Oak Monday around 11:00 am, for reasons other than birding, still overcast and broken cloud cover, very windy with the front blowing through. Traveling North on NW 140 (West side of lake) cresting hill just before Oak Glen road and had what I at first thought was a N. Harrier due to the long straight tail, approaching from the RH side. But noted steady even wing beats into the wind and no hovering. As our paths converged, noted whiter chest with streaking, definitively swept and pointed falcon wings, dark helmet and possibly chin strap, and easily twice the size of a Merlin or Kestrel. Unable to make positive ID, but likely either Prairie or Peregrine. Osprey noted perched on snag on south side of W. Davey Road, as road crosses the creek and settling basin between camping areas 10 and 11, (North end of what I call the North bay).

Yankee Hill Lake, 17:00-17:30ish,
West access, boat ramp parking area. 14 Caspian Terns sitting on the N. rock jetty. Black tipped orange bills, reddish orange feet, snow white chest and belly, white upper tail coverts, silver grey wings when in flight without any hint of dark wing bars on leading edge or dark / black wedges in primaries.
Most of the other usual suspects present:
Cardinal - call only
Blue Jay - call only
Robins - sight and call
RW Black birds - sight and call
Tree Swallows
Barn Swallows
BW Teal
Canada Geese, with nest and clutch of five eggs visible from a good distance, not well concealed.

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Dana Schmidt
Crete, Saline Co.
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