Date: 5/2/17 8:13 am
From: Bill Thurman <bill.masterofmusic...>
Subject: Re: Whoopers
I am also following that on Facebook.

Bill Thurman
On May 2, 2017 10:04 AM, "Sarah Morris" <saraha.morris1...> wrote:

> I'm glad this conversation was started. It has been interesting to read
> all the emails.
> Karen, I would certainly hope someone would let me know if I was doing
> something unethical. I think it comes down to education. We need to
> continue having these conversations so that everyone understands what it is
> going on and why.
> I'll admit I was frustrated to know I finally had a rare bird in my neck
> of the woods (whooping crane in Cherry Valley) and I couldn't see it. But,
> I get the reasoning and I went and read up more on the whooping crane
> project. I now follow the La. project on Facebook if anyone else wants to
> check it out ( I enjoy seeing
> the pictures they post.
> Sarah M
> Jonesboro
> On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 9:34 AM, Glenn <000001214b3fcb01-dmarc-
> <request...> wrote:
>> Karen,
>> I don't think we have met, but I approve of your style and love this
>> email. Thank you very much.
>> Glenn Wyatt
>> Cabot
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>> On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 9:25 AM, Karen And Jim Rowe
>> <00000131a1cf8fbc-dmarc-request...> wrote:
>> AGFC cannot tell individuals what to do unless it is stated in a
>> regulation which is, at the minimum a 3 month process.
>> I can strongly urge people to do or not to do something, which is exactly
>> what Dan did. If that leaves a "gray area" as to whether or not someone
>> pursues a bird then so be it. AGFC cannot legislate or regulate unethical
>> behavior on our duck hunting areas any more than we can "order" birders to
>> not pursue a bird.
>> After my initial post, I have received a large number of emails, some
>> from noted state birders, many from new friends I had never heard from
>> before, relating stories of bird photographers birding with them in a group
>> who have severely harassed birds in order to get the best photo possible.
>> They also related instances of birders who harass birds so that everyone in
>> a large group of gets a close look with the naked eye at a relatively
>> uncommon migrant. Apparently there is a good number of people concerned
>> about the unethical birding and unethical bird photography they continue to
>> witness.
>> I think our problem as birders in AR is not whether a group of friends
>> who bird together should be labeled as a clique, or if someone who sees a
>> rare bird is morally responsible to report its exact location to each and
>> everyone in the state who likes to observe or photograph.
>> I think the problem is an ethical one. Do we move in and flush a flock
>> of feeding birds, who are trying to tank up on macroinvertebrates in order
>> to amass the energy required to migrate to South America, just so we can
>> get that one really cool photograph? Does a photograph justify the energy
>> the long distant migrants just lost/wasted by our purposeful flush?
>> And lastly, is observing unethical behavior something we keep quiet
>> about, or whisper about to each other behind the offender's back? Or is it
>> time to stand up for the birds and call out this unethical behavior to the
>> offender, and if needed to others present.? Can you handle another birder
>> being mad at you because you tried to politely point out to the offender
>> and a few others present that the continued excessive use of a playback
>> call is driving the male warbler to exhaustion and is preventing him from
>> providing food for his nestlings?
>> What would an ethical birder do?
>> Karen Rowe KARO (because I like to use 4 letter bird codes)
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>> On May 2, 2017, at 7:41 AM, David Ray <cardcards...> wrote:
>> I think that this situation and all future situations like this could
>> easily be avoided by the AG&F and the AAS by posting the message "THESE
>> BIRDS ARE NOT TO BE PURSUED". This eliminates any question as to whether
>> or not it is proper to search out the bird and leaves it in the hands of
>> individuals and their own set of ethics whether to violate the request. I
>> personally got from the original post that this was a non pursuit situation
>> with these whoopers, especially when the location was specifically left
>> out. Others evidently did not, which is what happens when things are left
>> in gray areas instead of black and white. Am I upset I didn't see the
>> birds? No. There will be others either here or somewhere else that are okay
>> to be viewed with no questions asked.
>> David Ray
>> NLR
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>> On May 1, 2017, at 10:41 PM, David Starrett <StarrettDA...>
>> wrote:
>> Last weekend we attended the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival in Woodward,
>> OK. Because of the significant loss of chickens, habitat and food source due
>> to the wildfires in western KS and OK earlier this year, there is concern for
>> the continued survival of this very range-limited species. While it
>> was open to anyone, everyone in the bus who saw the chickens (we saw 10
>> males!) was asked to not pin the exact location in eBird but put in a
>> general location. Over 8 days of the festival a few pins were put in
>> but all followed the instructions. It seemed reasonable to us and I was
>> glad to help keep the location unknown for the time being to help
>> minimize risk to them. But, anyone could have signed up for the
>> festival.
>> Dave
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> David Starrett
>> Columbia, MO
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>> *Subject:* Re: Whoopers
>> I for one did not know all the details of this story until Karen Rowe
>> laid out all facts with her post to Arbird. All I knew was some were
>> seeing the birds and the location was not put out. I think Herschel pretty
>> much sums up this entire discussion as it relates to these particular birds
>> and I agree with him totally. He stated "I don’t think their positions
>> should be reported at all."
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>> David Oakley
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>> On May 1, 2017, at 8:00 PM, Herschel Raney <herschel.raney...>
>> wrote:
>> At the risk of annoying someone, I will say that equating these Whooping
>> Cranes that are part of the re-establishment program which are highly
>> monitored and very human adapted with your normal rare bird sighting is a
>> grave miscategorization. These birds require special care as they are just
>> beginning to perform actual migration feats that make any sense and to nest
>> on their return north. Frankly I don’t think their positions should be
>> reported at all. And I would be on the committee that voted for moving any
>> of them that stayed in the location these recent birds chose for a
>> sustained stay. I received photos of the birds with their leg equipment,
>> antennas and frightening background of rural homesteads and lawns with
>> highway. Hell I would have moved them myself with a sack of corn and a
>> roomy trailer in the dark of night if I could have pulled it off. Hauled
>> them out to Big Lake. Though Lord knows what the satellite monitoring boys
>> would have thought. “Jim, these two look like they are travelling at 65 mph
>> about eight feet off the ground in the dark towards the Mississippi.” No
>> doubt I would have been busted.
>> I went thirty years ago to south Texas and watched adult and juvenile
>> Whoopers out in the marshes they winter in from the safety of a boat. It
>> was a fine landscape. These regal wild birds choose generally regal places
>> to stay. These new birds don’t know. But perhaps their children will.
>> Seeing these two recent birds in just the photos reminded me of how broken
>> the world is. And I had no desire to see them in that condition or location.
>> In any case, accusing the birders of Arkansas of colluding to hide
>> rarities, struck me as misinformed. And when the first wild adult Whooper
>> wanders away from the Platte River corridor and shows up at Millwood or the
>> coastal plain or the fields along the Mississippi you can bet Kenny or
>> LaDonna or Charles or Richard or Joe will inform people that they have
>> arrived.
>> And then I would go.
>> The website for the project (you know, if you want to give them some
>> money):
>> Herschel Raney
>> Conway AR

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