Date: 5/1/17 7:09 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: Whooping Cranes and other rare birds
What an interesting and, perhaps, complicated discussion. So many
responses I'm hesitant to throw mine out there.
Obviously pretty much NONE of us know all the details of what has
happened. We don't know who told who, who went to look, etc. So I
think most responses, at least most of my thoughts, can only be based on
what we believe has or could have happened... Which is tricky, even for
anyone that could be in the "elite" crowd.
I could sit here and say "I'm sure that happened" or, "there's no way
anything like that happened" all I want... truth is, I have no idea.
Neither do many responding. All the opinions are good and valid...
but, I think Glenn's concerns are good and valid too.
From my point of view(which is absent of all the facts of course), I
don't think some snobby people got together, all looked at the bird, and
then hid it from everyone else. As has been stated, MOST
sightings(remember the brambling) get passed around quickly. This was a
very special case and it wasn't someone in this group that made a
decision to hide the location.
Not knowing the facts, I would honestly not at all be surprised if
someone sworn to secrecy got a car full of close friends or relatives to
go look and kept that from everyone else. I'll state quite confidently
that there are cliques in this group. I've never been around a group of
people in my lifetime where cliques did not exist. It's sort of a
natural happening. I've felt like an outsider here myself for a long
time and so have a LOT of people. Few of us are bold enough to speak and
let the group know how we feel but I assure you, when it happens, many
people reply privately to say how they feel the same way. So many
conversations come up and people speak with certain attitudes and I've
seen lots of people drop from the group.
All of this is simply to say, there are groups within groups. It's
"normal" for that to happen... we might not even need to apologize for
it but, we can't pretend that such things couldn't happen.

Did a group of birders pile in a car and go see them? And was it thanks
to the secret communication hidden from everyone else?
Again, I really have no idea. But it would not really surprise me. And,
that wouldn't be fair and I could choose to be upset about it. But,
that's life. Regardless of what was right or wrong with how people
acted, I can choose the welfare of the birds over my own desires here.
I'd LOVE to see something that rare but can respect the decision to keep
the location hidden.

This, to me, is like watching a real court case on tv and forming an
opinion based on a few comments from people. I really don't know what
actually happened. All I can say(re-state) is that, this sort of thing
could very well have happened... but also, this was an extremely rare
situation that can't be simplified to "we all should have been able to
go see it." That decision was beyond our group's power anyway... but,
again... all around a tricky situation.

I'm sorry people's feelings were hurt in all of this but am thankful
conversations have not become ugly. :)
Again... just all my thoughts and opinions... sitting here in the dark
and confusion a bit... but that's okay.
Happy birding everyone. :)

Daniel Mason

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