Date: 5/1/17 5:32 pm
From: Herschel Raney <herschel.raney...>
Subject: Orioles and Grosbeaks
This morning before I left for work, I walked around the driveway and
could clearly hear Baltimore Orioles making their single sweet call
note. I have been hearing the little barking whistle of the
Rose-breasted Grosbeak for weeks. And I rarely hear the Grosbeak full
song in migration. I have caught it a few times. But Orioles often will
only make this single whistle note or the chattering chr chr chr chr chr
calls. I think a whole crew of Baltimores landed during the night.

Everyone should become familiar with that single Grosbeak note. It is
the only sound I have heard from them this year, but it always tells me
they are here.

Grosbeak single call notes:

Some Oriole single call notes and some churrs and some full whistles. I
got the orioles to do some full song by imitating their whistle note.

Herschel Raney

Conway AR
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