Date: 5/1/17 12:27 pm
From: Dottie Boyles <ctboyles...>
Subject: Kite Watching and other birds.

On Sunday, Apr. 23, we had a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak come to the
feeders. Well at least it made several attempts but between the squirrels,
Brown-headed Cowbirds, and a Northern Cardinal fight, the poor bird would
only get to stay a few seconds before being scared off. So our viewing time
was very limited, the bird finally gave up and left. However, this weekend
both male and female Rose-breasted Grosbeaks showed up, and both ate for
long periods of time, in spite of squirrels, cardinal fights, and other
goings on.

Saturday, before the bands of rain started and while I was
still on the ASCA field trip, Mom spotted a FOS Mississippi Kite that sat
in the tree in the front yard for a while. No kite after I arrived home.

After I took the trash out Sunday afternoon, Mom and I decided to sit in
front of the garage and check out the bird activity. We hadn't been there
long when she spotted the first Mississippi Kite way up in the sky, then a
second, then a third. Over the course of an hour we know we saw at least
five, because they were all in the sky at the same time, but there may have
been more. The first birds were all soaring east to west in a straight line
and at high altitude. The later birds were much lower and made wide circles
going behind the house before reappearing in the front.

We have some new
neighbors and I know they must have thought we were weird, because every
time we spotted a bird we would point towards the sky. The kites appeared
to be having a great time soaring in the strong winds and we were having a
great time kite watching.

Dottie Boyles
Little Rock

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