Date: 5/1/17 11:06 am
From: Teresa Mathews <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Orchard Oriole
My rental is about 60 feet from the hummingbird feeder that my landlady has
up on the side of the porch. This morning (well I saw it last night too)
was a Orchard Oriole going to it. At least looking at it. Perch on the
railing staring at the red feeder. This morning early I saw 3 of them 2
males one female not 40 feet from me when I walked the dogs just after
dawn. Too last night there was a Night Hawk circling around her light pole
chasing bugs. Its sort of weird there is woods up here in the rental
community but we are on a hill high above Lake Hamilton which is a quarter
mile away. i see a very good assortment of birds in this area. There are
two pairs of Barred Owls nesting near here that often perch in the trees
around my rental. One Sharpie Hawk I do know where their nest is just
beyond the community property line. Wrens, Warblers pass through to
migrate here or fall out here often. I am not good on those to know which
one are which. And in her pond that is no bigger than a bathtub last week
she had a Blue Heron fishing for her goldfish in there. Sort of shocked
both of us. Talk about desperate bird? But I was thinking the storms
knocked him down to us and he was just too wearily to make it to the lake
just over the hill . So whether I am at work or here? I see usual birds
without going very far at all. Plus her 7 bird feeders make it easy too.
Good Day so far, Teresa-Hot Springs, AR

We Must let go of the life we planned . So to accept the one that is
waiting for us. Bad or Good Life is under the bridge flowing down the river
. Here's an instant? Gone in a moment. Just let it go. Don't hang to it.
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