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Subject: [NEBirds] Windy day Sherman Co
Nebraska birders,

Lanny and I birded in Sherman County on Saturday, April 29.
The weather was not good but it was our only opportunity to
go this week. The weather on Sunday was forecast to be
much worse. The water level in Sherman Lake is fairly high.
Below is our list of highlights followed by some details.

Franklin's Gulls
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Forster's Terns
Eared Grebes
Orange-crowned Warblers
American White Pelicans
Greater Yellowlegs
Northern Bobwhite
Black-capped Chickadees
Yellow-rumped Warblers
Trumpeter Swans

In Sherman County near the reservoir with the same name,
we saw a flock of 85-90 Franklin's Gulls flying north. As
we were driving across the reservoir's dam, we saw a Sharp-
shinned Hawk, one Forster's Tern and one lone Franklin's
Gull. We also saw a flock of shorebirds flying over the
water. Later we were able to hear a Greater Yellowlegs.
In one of the reservoir's bays, we saw an Osprey and about
100 American White Pelicans fly over. We also saw two
Eared Grebes out on the lake. In one of the campgrounds,
we saw about four Orange-crowned Warblers.

At a private lake right beside the bridge over the Middle
Loup River just south of Loup City, we saw about twenty
Forster's Terns. Across the highway in Gasteyer Sanctuary,
we saw about four Yellow-rumped Warblers and a pair of
Black-capped Chickadees. We still don't see chickadees very

Along the way home, we drove slowly by the marsh south of
Ravenna. We could see a Trumpeter Swan crouched down on a
nest and another standing guard nearby.

Neither of us added any new county birds. We are tied at 175.

NO eBird

Robin Harding
northern Kearney County

May 19-21 birding bonanza based in Auburn, Nebraska.
Organized for you by the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union.
Field trips to Indian Cave State Park, Peru Bottoms WMA,
Kirkman's Cove, and other great birding areas in southeastern
Nebraska lead by excellent birders.



Posted by: "Lanny and Robin" <snowbunting...>



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