Date: 4/29/17 4:20 pm
From: Karen Garrett <kjgarrett84...>
Subject: Benton CO; Land of a thousand lakes, at least 21 Bobolinks & a plethora of closed roads
​​Although I intended to head to Centerton this morning, I let the weather
scare me off. When the lightning finally eased up, I headed that way
around 2:30. Unfortunately, all of the roads to my intended target were
closed, or so I thought. After an hour and a half, I finally thought of
one road I hadn't tried, and finally made my way to Anglin Rd, where,
fortunately for me, I ran into another soaked birder (Rod W). We were both
looking for Bobolinks (life bird for both of us), and I was also looking
for Upland Sandpipers. He was pretty sure he had some Bobolinks located,
and we both got good looks at a minimum, 21 birds on a fence. He had also
scared up some Upland SP, but I didn't get a good enough look at them to
count it. I did see a Yellow-headed Blackbird before it finally got too
dark and stormy and called it a day. Now, do I try for the Uplands again
tomorrow, or head down to Devil's Den to try for the Snow Bunting? I'm
sure it will be one or the other if I don't float away by then. Anyone
coming to Benton County should be aware that over 70% of roads in
unincorporated areas are closed, so be careful. As of around 5:30 or so,
the flooded fields off Anglin Road could be accessed from Barron Rd in

Karen Garrett
Rogers, in the flooded northwest

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