Date: 4/29/17 2:52 pm
From: Steve Marak <samarak...>
Would someone enlighten us about this pond please?

The only large pond on the east side of the farm we could see on a map
is between N. Donald Rd on the west and N Jessup Dr on the east,
36.094953, -94.167591 according to Google, and all three roads we
explored to get there led to signs that said "authorized personnel only,
violators will be prosecuted" at some point well before the pond.

Is that the right pond? If so, is there a secret road in for us
non-authorized people, or procedure by which we become authorized?



On 4/26/2017 11:40 PM, Alyssa DeRubeis wrote:
> I got there a little after 7pm and the avocets, willets, and
> dowitchers were still there. I thought I spotted a Wilson's phalarope
> low in the grass but it was hard to say. A female Ruddy Duck was there
> too--not sure how long they stick around for. I wasn't able to
> relocate Joe's other shorebird sightings, but it's entirely possible
> that they're still there. I didn't look too hard. Thanks for reporting
> Joe!
> Alyssa DeRubeis
> Fayetteville Washington Co.
> On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 1:07 PM, Joseph Neal <joeneal...>
> <mailto:<joeneal...>> wrote:
> Heavy rain last night and today has produced some serious bad
> weather -- including highway flooding that kept Poojah Panwar,
> Anant Deswhal, and me from going to Centerton today – but it also
> produced some productive birding. We remained in Fayetteville,
> went out to U-farm. First birds we saw near the big pond on the
> farm’s east side were American Avocets (25) in breeding plumage.
> Also with them, Willets (4), dowitchers (3 – from plumage I think
> they are l-bs), Wilson’s Phalarope (3). In nearby fields: Baird’s
> Sandpiper (7), Upland Sandpiper (3). We also added Spotted
> Sandpiper (4), Lesser Yellowlegs (14), Pectoral Sandpiper (8). A
> male Yellow-headed Blackbird perched up for us in a wheat field.

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