Date: 4/21/17 7:01 am
From: Sameer Apte <sameerapte1...>
Subject: Hays Woods, Pittsburgh
Hi all,
Yesterday Jack Chaillet and I birded the Hays Woods park recently purchased by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. We found a huge expanse of almost pure Carolinian forest with some open forest and field areas that exists almost nowhere else in the city of Pittsburgh. Highlights included:
10 turkeys (high for the city)
100 eastern towhees
2 Hooded Warblers
8 Black-throated Green Warblers
16 Field Sparrows
1 Red-headed Woodpecker
2 Broad-winged Hawks

The high density of towhees and cardinals at this spot suggests it would be very good for other breeding species, and also worth checking in the height of migration. The middle part of the park can be accessed from the corner of Cloverfield and Agnew roads in Hays.

Before Hays, Jack and I birded the Waterfront near Red Robin and found:
5 Yellow Warblers
3 Yellow-throated Warblers
1 Savannah Sparrow

This site has always had nesting Yellow-throateds, and the developers of the waterfront should be at least lauded for preserving the riparian habitat along the Mon, which attracts migrants like the SASP.
Migration is almost in full swing! See you on the trails!

Good birding,
Sameer Apte
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