Date: 4/21/17 3:54 am
From: Terry Valentine <terryval...>
Subject: [GABO-L] waterthrush in northern Gwinnett County
A beaver has set up housekeeping along the stretch of the Little Mulberry
River that runs behind our house; and as a result much of the floodplain is
under a few inches to a few feet of water. I'm down there at least once a
week and have been interested to see what species move into this new
wetland. Yesterday I could hear Wood Ducks whistling in the distance, and a
few hours later a waterthrush appeared at the water's edge. I didn't have
binoculars so I wasn't sure about the finer characteristics, e.g., eyebrow
stripe, degree of streaking on the belly, etc.; but the shape was right for
a waterthrush, along with the short tail and telltale bobbing. It foraged
for a minute or so and then flew into one of the trees.

As the water is still for the most part my guess would be Northern
Waterthrush based upon the habitat, but it is right next to a river so I
suppose a Louisiana is possible as well. Any thoughts/tips out there on
which it is likely to be, or is there any way to tell from a distance next

Terry Valentine


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