Date: 4/20/17 7:08 pm
From: Wilma <wjar...>
Subject: First of year birds
This morning 2 yellow-throated vireo were singing. Heard a blue-winged warbler. Orchard oriole was singing in yard.
This afternoon a ruby-throated hummingbird visited the feeder.
As it was getting dark heard a whip-poor-will call a few times in the distance.
4/19 two wood thrush were singing. Heard a hooded and black and white warbler. Saw a black-throated green.
4/18 a yellow warbler was singing in yard.
4/17 forgot to list the black vulture I saw at Hannibal Dam. Saw turkey vultures sitting on debris against dam. As I was watching a black vulture took flight.

Wilma Jarrell
Wetzel County

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