Date: 4/20/17 7:00 pm
From: JM Maher <jeannemariemaher...>
Subject: [NHBirds] auditory hallucinations??? and a week of great birding.
While out birding this morning I heard a very clear whisper call, with no other notes attached to it. (yes I had my hearing aids on), and like every spring I need to re-learn all the bird songs. I could not pull up the meaning of the song. I sat there trying to capture the song on my phone without any success. Listening again, still didn’t jar the ol neurons.. I walked around lower Woodmont trying to discover what the bird might be, -along the canal, with grasses and trees. Then the thought came to me Nelson’s sparrow??? I searched for the next 30 minutes trying to re-find the songster, but to no avail. Could not find the bird, so no view at all. Just repeated songs, (with not another soul around to complicate the input), and I was trying to record on my phone (so no app was running to cause confusion). Sitting here now, reviewing the song and remembering the birds I did see clearly, it must’ve been a "partial song" of a Savannah Sparrow, so easy to get confused with birdsong after such a long drought.

Aside from that little bit of craziness it has been a great week for migrants.

Monday on the coast (with a tip of the hat to Chris and Paul) those beautiful Glossy Ibis who numbered up to 44 as I watched them (have them on a video but the shaky hand would make you ill). And while watching, a Willet dropped down in front of me, as well as several snowy egrets in the same vicinity. Blue winged teal still at Exeter

Late Monday or Tuesday night (it was warm) the call of a Barred Owl came through our bedroom window. Not very common in Nashua.

Today was a delight: Bittern(s) at Great Meadow (Beaver Brook in Brookline) calling in the early hours. Got views and photos of one and saw a second fly in nearby but never relocated the bird again. As all this unfolded an Eastern Kingbird appeared nearby.

Seems like ruby crowned kinglets are everywhere now.

Other great birds include catching up with Blue-Headed Vireo, a pair of Red shoulder Hawks (over old Monson), with a pair of Louisiana waterthrushes in same locale, and finally at Greeley Park, two beautiful Brown Thrashers, one serenaded me while the other flew directly in front of me.

A great week for birding.

Jeanne-Marie Maher
Nashua NH

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