Date: 4/20/17 6:08 pm
From: Jonathan Clark <falloutbird1...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] April arrivals

I had my FOS Mississippi Kites in Jena this afternoon.

Jonathan Clark

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 12:29 PM, Jonathan Clark <falloutbird1...>

> labirders,
> On Easter I made a run out to Catahoula NWR Headquarteres Unit and
> Willow Lake Unit (La Salle Parish). Spring-Summer species out in good
> numbers. FOS for that day included Painted Bunting and Yellow-breasted Chat
> at HQ and Prairie Warbler and Blue Grosbeak at Willow Lake. An Osprey at HQ
> was a nice highlight.
> complete lists and more details at
> blog:
> birding-on-catahoula-nwr.html
> or ebird lists:
> The next day, 4/17/17, I birded my Zimmer Creek Road ebird location.
> This is NW of Jena in La Salle Parish. Terrain is mostly hilly piney woods
> stuff -- pine plantation and cutovers, hardwood creek bottoms, some areas
> with rural houses. FOS for this trip were Acadian Flycatcher, Worm-eating
> Warbler, and Kentucky Warbler (all at the same spot).
> Complete ebird list:
> Then, 4/18/17, I went out to Catahoula NWR Bushley Bayou Unit in
> Catahoula Parish. Specifically, the Minnow Ponds Road entrance. Highlights
> were a pair of Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks and a couple of White-crowned
> Sparrows. Back on 4/6 I got my FOS Louisiana Waterthrush here, but didn't
> find them at the same spot (Green's Creek, by the bridge) on this trip. I
> watched a Ruby-throated Hummingbird doing what I assume was bathing on wet
> leaves of blackberry vines. Video in ebird report.
> Complete ebird list:
> Happy birding;
> Jonathan Clark
> On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 9:54 PM, Jonathan Clark <falloutbird1...>
> wrote:
>> labirders,
>> Yesterday (4/2/17) I had FOS Eastern Kingbird and Prothonotary Warbler
>> at Catahoula NWR Hq Unit in La Salle Parish. This afternoon (4/3/17) I was
>> thrilled to hear my FOS Swainson's Warbler singing from the thicket across
>> the street from the house, in Jena. I managed one rather poor photo and
>> some video w/ the bird singing (but not seen singing). I'm guessing this is
>> the same bird that I regularly heard in the same little piece of
>> appropriate habitat the past couple of breeding seasons. Also this
>> afternoon my FOS Broad-winged Hawks. At least 5, but maybe more, of the
>> hawks over the yard during an hour-and-a-half outside.
>> C. NWR ebird:
>> yard list ebird:
>> I hope all you and yours made it through the storms without too much
>> damage. What a terrible day.
>> I fear the ridiculous wind and rain might have finished off the 4 Pine
>> Warbler nestlings in my backyard -- no sign of activity at nest that I
>> could see while doing the above mentioned birding today. What do we know
>> about nestling/egg mortality due to severe weather? Might be an interesting
>> topic to discuss.
>> Radar showed apparent tornado (maybe two) pass over or VERY near my
>> Snyder Rd birding location, west of Jena. I had been hoping the weather
>> held out long enough to make a quick run out there after the Catahoula NWR
>> visit, but it didn't. Will have to wait for roads to dry before seeing how
>> it fared.
>> Happy birding;
>> Jonathan Clark
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