Date: 4/20/17 5:57 pm
From: Ronda <trsherrill...>
Subject: roadrunner/barn swallows encounter, 4-20-17
Coming out of Crowder College's Newton Hall at 7:20 this evening, I saw
a unique encounter. First, the setting. Newton Hall is one of the
buildings left from the old Camp Crowder of World War II days. It has
an architectural feature I have not seen anywhere else. The second and
third floors have an extension of concrete out into the outdoors that
forms a ledge over a foot wide. The barn swallows who live around the
building each summer were circling and chirping as they had been when I
went in. But this time I noticed they were each in turn dive-bombing a
hunkered form on the ledge that juts out from the floor level of the
second story. As the form rose, I saw that it was a roadrunner. After
some moments dodging the attacks, the roadrunner flew to a small shed
out from the cafeteria and the bombing target moved with him. He
hunkered there for awhile, then flew to a wooden fence before return
flight to the original ledge. When I left, the attacks were still going
on. It was not apparent by his lunges whether he was only trying to
protect himself or trying to catch a swallow, but he represented some
threat to them, obviously.

Ronda Sherrill, Neosho (Newton County)

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