Date: 4/20/17 2:38 pm
From: Theresa Armata <tarmat...>
Subject: [VTBIRD] The girls have arrived
Today while walking in North Bennington I happened upon a large flock of Red-winged Blackbird Females.
I counted 68 but there could have been more.
Needless to say a nearby male was mantling and showing off his red spots!

Also the first Brown Thrasher of the season as well as a Merlin, Tree Swallows, Ruby-crowned Kinglets.

In Pownal this morning a lot of Yellow-Rumped Warblers as well as 4 Palm and a Pine.
Ruby-crowned Kinglets everywhere singing up a storm.

2 Cooper’s hawks, and the first Broad-winged Hawk.

Terri Armata
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