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Bummer, but a least you got a looksee.
My missed opportunity today came when sitting on my porch (without my phone), I looked up to the nest and just as I did Cooper came flying in from the upper right hand side of the frame and promptly jumped into the nest.
As he did, I could see his head bopping up and down as if spilling out the food for Mini.
Just then a very small white feather, the kind from close inside, looking like a hollowed out dandelion came slowly floating down from the same angle as Cooper.
It was also illuminated by the rising sun in the background.  Lasted 20 seconds or so.
In the right time at the right place.
To assist in setting the scene, please see attached photo taken after the event.

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I was just driving south today (4/20/17) on I-5 having just past the HWY-12 interchange at 1:00 p.m. and noticed a large kettle of Swainson's Hawks (approx.40) circling just to the north and south of the White Slough Water Treatment Plant.  It appeared farmers were harvesting the wheat fields NW of the plant.  I could see birds landing in an earlier harvested field just south of the plant.  Unfortunately prior commitments prevented me pulling over to get a better look and count.
Happy Birding!
Dan HackleyStockton

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