Date: 4/20/17 1:06 pm
From: Richard Gregg <greggra...>
Subject: Fwd: FOY: Savannah Sp., Barn Sw., Ylw Warbler
Thanks to all who responded on the Mystery Bird! I was at a loss but now am leaning towards No. 3.

Here are the suggestions, (with my and other folks comments in parentheses), so far.

1. Purple Martin, female: (Mystery bird’s head is uniform color. Female PUMA would be somewhat two-toned. (Thanks for pointing that out, Terry Bronson)).

2.. Warbling Vireo: (However there doesn’t seem to be an off-white eyering or lores like a WAVI should have. I know the photo’s poor, as it was about 120 yards away, but the head is uniformly shaded all the way down to the throat.)

3. Northern Rough-winged Swallow: (Suggested by Ryan Tomazin and Terry Bronson. Again, Terry Bronson comments; Rough-wings are actually dull brown, which in certain lighting situations could appear gray. The dirty white underparts are good for Rough-wing.)
I didn’t even think of this one since the color threw me. Here's a photo I took of them last June. They are obviously brown but the head shape looks right and the uniform shading to the cheeks looks right too. <>

I’ll try to swing by the Locks and see if there are any Rough-wings. If the checklist does get changed from Unknown species, it will be a First Of Year sighting for Rough-wings.

Thanks again,
Rick Gregg

> Begin forwarded message:
> From: Richard Gregg <greggra...>
> Subject: FOY: Savannah Sp., Barn Sw., Ylw Warbler
> Date: April 19, 2017 at 3:46:12 PM EDT
> To: "<WV-bird...>" <WV-bird...>
> FOY:
> Tuesday, April 18, 2017
> Marmet Locks, Belle, WV
> Savannah Sparrow (4).
> Barn Swallow (1).
> Yellow Warbler (1M).
> Unknown species: (2). Gray head, throat and chest. Lighter belly and undertail with darker tail tip. PLEASE feel free to send me comments if you see anything you recognize. Swallow, Bluebird, Gnatcatcher?
> (See eBird checklist for poor photo).
> Rick Gregg,
> Kanawha Co., WV
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