Date: 4/20/17 12:08 pm
From: Nagi Aboulenein <nagi.aboulenein...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Photos: Photo Sequence GB Heron Catches & Eats Large Carp
Great sequence of photos, Jim! Thanks for sharing.

We once saw something very similar out at Malheur NWR. The GBH also spent
15-20 minutes trying to get this huge carp down (similarly sized to the one
in your photos), and eventually succeeded. To our amazement it then went
back to hunting, and within moments speared a second carp, only slightly
smaller than the first one, and successfully swallowed it too. So, not so
sure about it not needing another meal soon :).

Best regards,


On Thu, Apr 20, 2017 at 11:55 AM, Jim Leonard <photojleonard...>

> I was a little bored at Baskett Slough NWR yesterday so I thought I would
> watch a Great Blue Heron nearby to see if it would catch a fish. The heron
> was about 30 feet away from this small island when it saw movement in the
> water by the island and flew over and pounced on this large Carp. It drug
> it close to the island and then impaled it with its bill. It tried to
> swallow the fish several times over a 15-20 minute period. I really thought
> it was going to give up but nature surprised me again and it swallowed it
> whole. I don't think it will need a meal for a while. Photos by Jim Leonard.

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