Date: 4/20/17 11:31 am
From: Scott O'Donnell <scott...>
Subject: [COBOL] Mountainous Courtships (and a Question)

I had an incredible day of birding yesterday in the Blue Mountains near
Troy, OR, and I'd like to share a couple of items.

First, at the first hints of daylight, at 5:45am, I stumbled onto a
displaying Dusky Grouse. What an amazing way to start a day of birding.
Here's a link to some photos and a video. Pardon the breathing, it was a
steep hill.

I headed up to this area hoping to see a White-headed Woodpecker, I've
found them there several times in the past. It turned out to be a five
woodpecker day sans the white head! I had an incredible forty-five
minutes observing two female Williamson's Woodpeckers chasing a male.
Here's a link to a photo sequence of one of the females following the
male into a tree, their interaction, and then he takes off again
apparently enjoying being chased by two gals. Call me sexist, but it all
seemed a bit backwards to me. Here's my question: After the male took
off, the female in the tree didn't immediately follow him. she stayed
for over a minute "sniffing" around the spot where the male had been
(photo at end of album). Does the male have scent glands with which to
leave scent markers? Was it pheromones? Or had he recently had something
really good to eat?

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Scott O'Donnell
Troy, Wallowa County
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