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Subject: Re: [GeneseeBirds-L] Recorder for Parabolic Microphone
Hi, Nick.

Two friends of mine happen to be biology professors who do research on bird songs, and they routinely record songs in the field for subsequent digital analysis. I sent them your inquiry, and one of them sent me the following recommendation.

I personally prefer Marantz equipment. They hold up well under field conditions and graduate student abuse. Marantz makes several solid state digital recorders that are good quality. I suggest the Marantz PMD671 Portable Solid State Recorder or the Marantz PMD661MKII. I have both and they are very dependable and easy to use. I found them on-line this morning between $125.00 and $399.00 depending on new or used condition. There are also several good shotgun microphones available that don’t require the use of a parabolic reflector. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this helps a little.

I assume he means abuse of the recorder by graduate students, and not abusing the graduate students with the recorder. 😊

Best of luck in your recording, and happy birding!


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Rick Hershberger

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Subject: [geneseebirds-googlegroup] Recorder for Parabolic Microphone

Hi Everyone,

This is totally unrelated to bird observations, but I was just wondering if anyone out there could recommend a good recorder to be used with a parabolic microphone to record bird songs. I'm thinking mid price range. I've been wanting to get into this field of birding for years now, and I think it's the right time to finally make the move. Any information that you have will benefit me and my decision.

Thanks and Happy Birding,
Nick Kachala
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