Date: 4/19/17 10:41 pm
From: Jonathan Ley <jonathan...>
Subject: [obol] Re: The most Oregonian bird?
Hey, thanks for all the replies. I scatter-graphed Tait's data, here:

So, the most Oregonian bird would be at the upper right of this graph. and
you then work your way back to the bottom left. This would suggest Hermit
Warbler, but if you value prevalence over uniqueness, the answer may differ.


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Subject: RE: The most Oregonian bird?

PS: I just wanted to add that this is purely an academic question, not a
political one - nothing to do with our official state bird.

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Subject: The most Oregonian bird?

Greetings. I'm new to this list, and had a question.

The recent story about changing the state bird of Oregon got me wondering -
which bird would be the most "uniquely Oregon"? Ideally, by my measure
that'd be a bird with a full-year range exactly matching the border of
Oregon. Since that doesn't exist, which is the closest to it?

I was thinking perhaps a Wrentit, or "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco, maybe
Red-breasted Sapsucker. White-headed Woodpecker. Anyone have ideas?

Jonathan Ley


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