Date: 4/19/17 4:01 pm
From: DAVID KOCH <davilene...>
Subject: Goldfinches - comments,, Koch property, Northampton County
 I could've titled this "be careful what you wish for because you might get it," but I doubt anyone would've read it. My remarks, though, are due to my having purchased a 39-inch long, 24-ports nyjer feeder that I've seen for years and I got tired of wondering if it really attracts that many goldfinches. Well, I found out. It's constantly covered with  goldfinches - 21 at the same time is the most I've counted but there were about 15 others nearby, waiting to jockey for positon. I realize of course that this won't keep up, but currently the nyjer level is going down 6 inches daily.                        Other notable species seen in the yard today were brown thrashers, a red-breasted nuthatch, and a gnatcatcher. White-throated and white-crowned sparrows continue, albeit in small numbers, as do juncos. I expect that any day now a hummer and  rose-breasted grosbeaks will show up, but we'll see. When the grosbeaks appear I usually then see them and/or others for months, but the first hummers almost always move on until territories are set up early to mid May.   

Arlene Koch Easton, PA Northampton County <davilene...>
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