Date: 4/19/17 3:39 pm
From: <badgerboy...>
Subject: Re: Nightjar ID-Chuck?
About the pictures I posted a week ago, I only received 3 replies and
none really offered "expert opinions". One favored Chuck, another
favored Nighthawk, and a third offered no opinion. Is there no one on
the list who even knows of a person who could be considered expert at
nightjar ID by flight pictures?

As I said this series of pictures appears to show a chuck-wills widow,
because of the following three points:

1. Overall shape shows swept-forward wings, very fat head with small
bill, apparently eliminating all other birds but nightjars. Can anyone
please argue against that?

2. Squared or rounded tail appears to eliminate Nighthawk, which seems
to have a notched tail in all pictures and field guides I have seen.
Could someone please make a case against that?

3. Sharply pointed wings and wing aspect ratio appear to eliminate
Whip-poor-will. Could someone please tell me if that is not correct?

I only ask because the report appears"exceptional" for the northern
mountains, and would like to get the ID confirmed if possible. The
pictures are easiest to view at the ebird checklist, with comments, at

Thanks, Guy McGrane, Deep Gap, NC

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